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"Our violence is unparalleled in the history of the globe"

Our natural consumption has already wiped out hundreds of cultures and thousands of species. In no time, it can also threaten our local pockets of wealth and order. 


I grew up on the ownership side of the industry, among the people who established it. My great-great-great-grandfather had the first two steam saws built in Drammen. His son, my great-great-grandfather, bought the paper mill Eger bruk, which Hans Nielsen Hauge established, from Hauge's brother Mikkel. There they produced cloth paper and laid the flakes out on the meadow to dry. Then my great-great-grandfather went to England, studied mechanical paper production based on wood, took the new technology home with him and had Drammenselven Papirfabrikker built, then the largest in Scandinavia. His son, my great-grandfather, studied chemistry in Germany, which was now the pioneer country, took his knowledge home and was responsible for the construction of two cellulose factories based on the new chemical. . .

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Erland Kiøsterud
Author and essayist. Residing in Oslo. See also his website or Wikipedia

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