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The exercise of violence in ourselves

The Rise of Ecofascism. Climate Change and the Far Right
Forfatter: Sam Moore Alex Roberts
Forlag: Polity Press (USA)
ECOLOGY / What does this overwhelming information maze of a book really say about ecofascism? Have we ended up in a downward argument that only leads us deeper into conflict-creating dichotomies – us/them, left/right and nice/naughty?

Facebook is designed to increase the level of conflict. I know. Nevertheless, I was surprised when I wrote a small text expressing concern about the side effects after the new mRNA injections.

A lot of leftist people got very angry with me. As we now know, the injections prevent neither infection nor disease. What were somewhat vaguely called conspiracy theories turned out to be true. The injections were neither safe. . .

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Nina Ossavy
Ossavy is a stage artist and writer.

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