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The exercise of violence in ourselves

The Rise of Ecofascism. Climate Change and the Far Right
Forfatter: Sam Moore Alex Roberts
Forlag: Polity Press (USA)
ECOLOGY / What does this overwhelming information maze of a book really say about ecofascism? Have we ended up in a downward argument that only leads us deeper into conflict-creating dichotomies – us/them, left/right and nice/naughty?


Facebook is designed to increase the level of conflict. I know. Nevertheless, I was surprised when I wrote a small text expressing concern about the side effects after the new mRNA injections.

A lot of leftist people got very angry with me. As we now know, the injections prevent neither infection nor disease. What were somewhat vaguely called conspiracy theories turned out to be true. The injections were neither safe nor effective. But there are plenty of serious side effects, even if as little as possible is written about it, unfortunately.

After I published the aforementioned little text, I experienced for the first time that someone pulled the "far right" card towards me. I got a red card, I mean a blue card, because it turned out that with this text I had become right-wing. I had also become a conspiracy theorist, for the simple reason that I wanted attention to side effects after the mRNA injections.


What is a conspiracy theorist, anyway? A blonde with greasy hair and a belly who sits buzzing on the web all night and searches with light and lantern for conspiracies? There are clearly quite a lot of them, because it has become a word that has become very common to throw around when there is someone you disagree with. The word has been emptied of content, "conspiracy theory" means nothing anymore, because it can apply to most things.

But maybe a conspiracy denier can be more dangerous than a conspiracy theorist? Because believing that there are no economic or politically motivated alliances, i.e. conspiracies, is as naive as believing that everything is a conspiracy. And in my opinion more dangerous. The necessary criticism of giant corporations may disappear, the necessary criticism of capitalism as well. The necessary criticism of an increasing use of poisons may disappear. The necessary watchdog role of the press may erode. Because who dares to criticize the big companies when you know that you are going to be hanged like a madman who believes that there are conspiracies? When the mob comes to put you in the crosshairs, who dares suggest that the big companies, like Big Pharma, don't have our best interests at heart? That, against presumption, they rather want to make as much money as possible, and that they have a plan for that? That the big companies, which are actually considered the most corrupt, should have talked about their strategy, including with politicians? No, that would be too wild.

"Conspiracy theory" has become a catchphrase for anything you don't want to talk about.

"Conspiracy theory" has become a catchphrase for anything you don't want to talk about. It can hide a very dangerous tendency towards censorship in society. In the Middle Ages, heretics who read the wrong texts were burned. They had the wrong belief. We should learn from history and be very critical now of those who want to burn people who believe wrongly.

Planetary crisis

It could perhaps be important and interesting with a book about ecofascism. Because what is it now? Does it actually exist? I am none the wiser after reading the book, because the authors seem to fall into the same trap as many others. Even anti-globalists are considered conspiracy theorists by these authors. Without a doubt, the explicitly right-wing Trump was bad news for nature. We can say the same about Bolsonaro. But so is communist China. And so is the social democratic Norwegian government.

An Example Of How Iconography Can Be Changed, Here's The National Park Service, Reworked Graphics Supporting The Greenline Front, An International Neo-Nazi Organization

When you can call everyone "right-wing" to shut them up, we have ended up in a downward spiral of argumentation that only leads us deeper into conflict-creating dichotomies. Us/them, left/right, nice/naughty. I am tired of the notion of right and left. I can not stand more. We are people in great crisis. There is something else, something deeper, that underlies this planetary crisis, and it is this deeper thing that we must delve into and learn from and about. What is driving us towards the cliff? What is it that leads society (and perhaps especially the "left") into censorship, suppression and hateful rhetoric these days? How can we create a loving and inclusive society where one can be free to be critical, also of new medicines (which are an environmental poison)?

There is no doubt that the earth is in a huge climate crisis. We have an escalating ecological crisis caused by a build-up of environmental toxins – the earth cannot take any more toxins. A multitude exists Ecologycrises that will roll over us like melting glaciers. It is not the far right that is behind. Then rather the totalitarian, which is obviously found in fascism. Regardless of which side totalitarian measures come from.

The eternal growth and profit ideal

The book approaches something interesting when it mentions authoritarian responses to climate collapse, but the authors fail to see beyond their own blood fog towards the right. The language gets in the way of the book. It is rammed up and taught at a dizzying pace. The authors mention highly topical and essential things, such as the fact that perhaps we should rather call this era the Capitalocene and not the Anthropocene, but everything becomes subordinate clauses in an overwhelming information labyrinth.

Capitalism may have been linked to the far right once, but when I look around our own little neoliberal social democratic land of happiness, I see that the eternal growth and profit ideal that underlies the torture of nature also governs our society. It is not only the far right who are the perpetrators of violence in our time. Which allows mining companies to pour poison into the fjords, destroy nature, support the oil industry. We are. That's me. That's you.

The eternal growth and profit ideal that underlies the exploitation of nature also governs our society.

We must all look at the practice of violence in ourselves. We must look at ourselves and see: I have the seeds of violence in me. I have the seeds to plunder, to destroy, to kill. How do we prevent it?

How can we foster that which is empathetic, loving and tolerant, that which is inclusive and which seeks freedom? How can we create a society that can face the crises without becoming totalitarian? The book says nothing about that.

Vandana Shiva

I felt an urgent need to read Vandana Shiva, one of the truly great thinkers of our time, as a counterpoint to this book. Read her rather than this book. She says a lot about the same tendencies in society, but is able to see a much bigger picture and explain what can be done on a structural level to be able to reverse the development. By the way, she is anti-globalist too. But no conspiracy theorist for that reason. And I have voted exclusively on the left.

Nina Ossavy
Nina Ossavy
Ossavy is a stage artist and writer.

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