The lie of our time

- You must not sleep!
You must not sleep!
Don't think you've just dreamed!
Yesterday I was convicted.
Tonight they have traveled
the scaffold in the yard.
They'll pick me up at five tomorrow!

I shook with frost.
I was wearing clothes.
Outside was sparkling starry weather.
Just a smoldering strip to the east
announced the same as the comfort of the dream:

The day behind the edge of the earth
rose with a shard
of blood and fire,
rose with an anxiety so endless,
that it was as if
the stars themselves froze!

I thought:
Now it's something that happens. -
Our time is over – Europe is burning!

(Excerpt from "Don't Sleep" by Arnulf Øverland)

- On April 9, our big national life lie started in reality, says Major Svein Blindheim. – But the truth of what actually happened in the time before and after the outbreak of war has never come for a day.

These are harsh words, but major Svein Blindheim knows what he's talking about. He is one of the veterans of the fighting in Norway in 1940, a member of the company Linge, chief of staff for Milorg in Greater Oslo. Orientering he presented in 1965, shortly after his parting with the Norwegian

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