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"We tell ourselves and each other stories to survive"

Interview: Ny Tid met director Joachim Trier before the premiere of his new film Louder Than Bombs, to talk about what experiences and what thinking it takes to make quality films.

When asked what motivated director Joachim Trier to spend a lifetime making films, he refers to childhood. Both his father and mother worked on film – he also had a role model for his grandfather, the filmmaker Erik Løchen. Trier grew up on the film set, where he found the magic of the film camera, and also something ritual and fascinating, he says.
Now one can wonder if following his family's footsteps is so brilliant; if one should rather do something else: "Yes, but I've been given the opportunity to do my own thing, develop my way of expressing myself."

Erik Løche
Erik Løchen

In addition, watching a lot of films seemed very motivating to him, and Trier ended up at the National Film & Television School in London where he received his formal film education: “I was one of the youngest to come in, which was difficult and did that I had to overcompensate. People thought that I had neither life experience nor experience with film. So I had to bluff my way through and pretend I knew a lot I did not know. Something you continue with for the rest of your life as a filmmaker. "
Exactly experience is the first topic for this conversation with one of Norway's foremost. . .

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