"We, the Nature"

Daniel Christian Wahl: Designing Regenerative Cultures: Living the Questions Together Triarchy Press. UK

Designing Regenerative Cultures: Living the Questions Together
Forfatter: Daniel Christian Wahl
Forlag: Triarchy Press (UK)
The narrative of man as distinct from nature must yield to the narrative of interbeing.

With the combination of global warming and urbanization, humanity is forced to ask – and to live with – questions on a deeper level. The reflection has been developing for some centuries, in response to the inherent nature of anthropocentrism mindset.

Now, humans are forced to relate to life as a planetary process, sooner or later. Not only have we moved beyond the planetary boundaries on a number of parameters of our lives, but with "the great acceleration" in the form of exponential growth, we are now trapped in the traditional solution platforms and must develop a systemic thinking. Here is the holistic answer, according to Daniel Christian Wahl, "designing regenerative cultures". «Sustainability is not enough; we need regenerative cultures ».

Daniel Wahl developed the regenerative mindset based on studies in holistic science at Schumacher College. His PhD thesis dealt Design for Human and Planetary Health, explaining how – faced with the complexity and necessity of introducing sustainability – new ways of development can be recommended through increased citizen participation.

"We, the People" should have been called "We, the Nature".

Stranded on a path of development and with a narrative that does not offer humanity any future we can connect with, we as pilgrims are forced to choose the transformative rather than the usual further-evolving innovation.

With his book, Wahl equips the searching pilgrim with a series of questions that can guide transformative innovation. . .

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