The title of this article is not ironic. I myself belong to those who have truly loved America, and I know how it feels.

Author. Wrote in MODERN TIMES's predecessor Orientering.
Published: September 16, 2020

The worldwide Soviet conspiracy against American foreign policy and family life has in the long run borne fruit, people are influenced by public opinion. The communist claim that the United States is so far the only country that has used atomic bombs on another country's civilian population, or on people at all, is a typical example of a form of propaganda that is apt to distort young people's minds and minds. But that is not the only example, one can mention them in abundance, not least when it comes to US policy in the so-called developing countries. The well-known communist and cannibal, former President Eisenhower, for example, has written in his memoirs: "I have never encountered…

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