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Happy year for Vietnam



During the year there was a noticeable change in the Norwegian people's attitude to the Vietnam War. There is hardly a Norwegian who is not concerned about the war in one way or another today, and most people have this attitude: This is a meaningless war and we must hope that it will end soon!

Others have a more active involvement. They appeal to the common sense of Americans and their decency. They view US foreign policy as fundamentally good and well-meaning, but in Vietnam they have made a mistake. Because they use violence against the poor. They chase the population from their homes and gather them in camps, they bomb, torture, burn farms, poison rice fields, blow up dams – these are actions that in raw brutality make the Germans' ravages in Finnmark clean. . .

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Hølmebakk was a writer, debater, agitator, vernacular, organizer and politician in SF.

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