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What ethical principles are behind the first vaccine stings?

Steingrímur Njálsson
Writer and associate professor at Oslo by Steinerskole
ETHICS: Behind the authorities' vaccination strategy is ethical chaos.

Are you one of those people who sits at home and dreams and even hopes? Dreaming of and hoping that it will soon be your turn to take the coronary vaccine?

However, getting the vaccine is not so easy. Vaccination takes a long time. On March 25, around 595 had received the first dose of the vaccine, but only 000 had received the second dose. At Easter, some municipalities even took a holiday from the vaccination. Vaccine coordinator in Bærum municipality stated: "It's about taking advantage of an opportunity to keep the days of Easter holy." While older people who had been looking forward to finally meeting grandchildren again after receiving a dose of two, still had to stay home alone, the municipality spent Easter practicing Orwellian new language.

Equally problematic is the way the authorities have chosen to distribute the limited. . .

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