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What happens after the collapse?

Forfatter: Carlos Taibo
Forlag: Libros de Anarres (Spania)
SOCIETY: There are many indications that a definitive collapse is approaching. For many people, the collapse is already a fact.

I have heard that when author Carlos Taibo is asked if he is an anarchist, he sincerely answers "some days". But despite the fact that some of the conclusions in Collapse found in the literature of libertarianism, it is wrong to label the Colapso book as an ideological pamphlet.

Collapse is a collection of theses that are admittedly speculative. With a cautious approach, Taibo explains how many current indicators can lead to future scenarios that seem possible or unavoidable.

The book's premises are widely accepted by researchers, sociologists, economists and professionals from many disciplines and are hardly foreign to the reader. Taibo tries to gather all its data and hypotheses around the concept of collapse, as a kind of anchor and a warning to seafarers to avoid the iceberg. He does not write about cycle crises or unavoidable events, but about a definite collapse.

For many people, the collapse is already a fact.

A collapse. . .

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Marc Molas Carol
Spanish editor of the Modern Times Review. Residing in Barcelona.

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