"What we want to say 'yes' to."

In 2017, photographer visited Kajsa Gullberg a swingers club in Copenhagen in a private matter. Gullberg wanted to expand the image of herself and her sexuality, and for the first time she felt really comfortable: I sex clubs she could explore her desire without fear of abuse or verbal embarrassment because the club's house rules are firm: A no is always a no, intolerance is unacceptable, and alcohol can only be consumed in modest amounts. Rules like these create a sexual safe space for club users: a place where they dare to unfold because, as long as the rules are observed, there are no physical or social consequences. Gullberg's experience was that it was especially a space that the club's women enjoyed.

In an interview in Weekendavisen in Denmark in connection with the publication of the book The House of Mirror who takes us into the club, as Gullberg experienced it, she stated: "I certainly do not think all men are offenders, but right now they are completely on the lord's ground because they have to stand for the whole sexual initiative, while never allowing women to define their own desires. MeToo was largely a study of the right to say 'no' and it is extremely important. But we also need to investigate what we want to say 'yes' to. "

The woman's double role is. . .

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