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WhatsApp, Signal and PGP are safe


The CIA can now read all encrypted messages, Wiki-Leaks recently told. It's wrong.

I think it's a point to make it difficult for people to hack into my mails and data messages. It applies to people sitting next to me on the tram as well as intelligence services. Now there are rumors that nothing stops the CIA. It is said that they open WhatsApp and Signal and PGPs, which I am an avid user of. Until now, these programs have been easy and safe to use.

That is, until WikiLeaks announced that nothing is stopping the US intelligence in collaboration with Israeli data experts.

But the WikiLeaks message cannot be read that way. WhatsApp, Signal and PGPs are safe, so just keep using them. But what can happen is that the CIA can take control of your entire smartphone the way they can with the computer and the smart TV. Then they can also capture everything you did before submitting it to the aforementioned three or other encrypted programs. It is criminal to do this without court approval, but possible.

It is my favorite source of everything that has to do with security online, Intercept, who says this. Just as your diary is vulnerable to snooping from people who break into your apartment, no one is completely safe online.

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John Y. Jones
Cand. Philol, freelance journalist affiliated with MODERN TIMES

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