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When is Norway on the track?

Superpower policy sticks in the wheels of the Arms Convention's work to ban autonomous weapons systems. The Chronicle author from the Norwegian Peace Team calls for Norway's involvement in the case.

"The development of autonomous weapons systems must be stopped through national legislation and international regulation," said Mary Wareham, head of the International Campaign to Stop Killing Robots. She has recognized disarmament players on the team; Jody Williams (Nobel Peace Prize winner and leader of the International Land Mines Campaign), Human Rights Watch, Article 36, Mines Action Canada, Pugwash and PAX. Norway's peace team is also part of this international campaign.

The unique thing about this campaign is the overwhelming call coming from the tech community and academia: Tens of thousands of independent robotics researchers and academics – over 4 000 Google employees and more than 200 technology companies – specializing in developing robotic technology and artificial intelligence require a ban on autonomous weapons systems, which could identify and kill without exercising any meaningful human control.

This is obviously the continuation of the US-Russia arms race.

After five years in the UN Arms Convention, where a new ban can be established, the majority of state parties want just that. But the diplomatic talks that take place in the UN Arms Convention are based on consensus. This means that a bunch, or even a single state, can block the outcome the majority wants; namely, to ban autonomous. . .

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Lene Grimstad
Grimstad is a former journalist in MODERN TIMES, and a board member of Norges Fredslag.

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