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When glimpses of humanity become grotesque

Golden Dawn Girls
Regissør: Håvard Bustnes

In this documentary, we follow three of the women in the top management of the right-wing Greek party Gyllent Daggry.

Urania is the daughter of party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, and Jenny and Dafne are the wife and mother of Golden Dawn MPs Giorgos Germenis and Panayiotis Iliopoulos, respectively. The men are in jail when the recording takes place, with charges that include murder and organized crime. The camera follows the women as they try to handle the situation and at the same time make sure that the party moves forward in the upcoming elections.

Normal people? The film is stronger than it may seem at first, and gives a strong aftertaste. In trying to find humanity in the lives of these women, the film instead shows that even those who promote hatred in society can have a very human face.

"They've said they want to make a movie that shows we're normal people," Jenny says at the start, assuring everyone in the party's headquarters that the camera aimed at them poses no danger. The way they are portrayed in the media is almost an obsession for them, and being seen as human seems to be a goal of the Golden Dawn party in general. Angelique Kourounis' documentary from 2016, Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair contains a scene where one in the party leadership forgets that the camera is on and explains to the other members that when they are near journalists, they should be careful to avoid the terminology they usually use. . .

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Bianca-Olivia Nita
Nita is a freelance journalist and critic for Ny Tid.

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