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"When did the description of reality become anti-Semitic?"

US Congress Representative Ilhan Omar is accused of anti-Semitism.

It is Gideon Levy, central columnist in the renowned Israeli newspaper Haaretz, such as 7. March formulates this heading. Levy supports US Congress Representative Ilhan Omar, who is charged with a statement on the state of Israel being interpreted as anti-Semitic. In the UK, Labor leader Jeremy Corbin continues to hear from right-wing representatives in his party that he is anti-Semitic and that it is "the Labor anti-Semitism crisis". It is no use in his annual meeting addressing frontal attacks against anti-Semitism and other racism.

In Norway, journalist Inger Lise Hammerstrøm discusses in Evening post 9 March Omar's "anti-Semitism". She is based on Large Norwegian encyclopedias definition of anti-Semitism as negative "attitudes and actions directed against Jews because they are Jews." She quotes the head of the Center for Extremism Research Cathrine Thorleifsson, who by far supports the criticism of Omar because the latter "criticizes Israel through the use of 'anti-Semitic notions'" away from what she wants to say ”.

Thorleifsson thus uses a different definition than the Great Norwegian, for it is not characteristic of Jews that is Omar's crime.

And then we are at the core of the dirty anti-Semitism debate that has long crossed national borders in the media: Republican Cornyn rejoices that the accusations are weakening. . .

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John Y. Jones
Head of Networkers North / South and the Dag Hammarskjöld program (member of Ny Tid's editorial board).

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