NUDENESS: Norwegian Jan Dalchow's new documentary series about body shame is honorable, but also trivial and sentimental.

Published: June 20, 2020
Director: Jan dalchow

A 2017 report showed that only 58 percent of the oldest pupils in the Folkeskolen in Denmark go to bath after sports. For middle school students, that figure is 88 percent. At a national conference of the student organization Danske Skoleelever, single-person baths were proposed as a solution. But why do so few of the oldest students go to a joint bath? And do we do them a bear service by allowing them to hide their bodies away from bath curtains?

The Norwegian filmmaker Jan dalchow has been ashamed of his body and in the docu-series since childhood NAK ED he examines in ten small sections why, it has become so common to have it…

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