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Why not Sanders?

A Campaign of their Own
Why didn't Bernie Sanders win in the general election? Swiss documentary reveals astonishing system failure in the US electoral system.

It is still difficult to understand how the election of President Trump was possible. How can a civilized, well-educated country like the United States want to return to the Middle Ages? How could the people choose a leader who uses a democratic system based on the distribution of power in such a way that it has disastrous consequences for the future of the planet? How is it possible for someone who views "journalism" as a form of manipulation and "scientists" as people who scare children with their horror stories, to be given the opportunity to run as presidential candidate? Who voted for Trump? How and why?

Lionel Rupp and Michael David Mitchell provide parts of a possible answer in his recent documentary A Campaign of Their Own. The film has just had its world premiere as part of the competition program at the Swiss Vision de Réel festival. The filmmakers followed men and women who wanted to return to the fundamental values ​​of American ideology: fighting racism, discrimination against women, segregation; to defend freedom of thought and speech and social justice; to demand completely new ways of distributing wealth and effective measures to remove the ever-growing chasm between rich and poor in the United States. And there was one man who had all this in his program:. . .

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Wieczorek is a critic living in Paris.

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