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Why populism?

TRUMP: In the latest issue of Agora with populism as a theme, Donald Trump comes out in two variants: in a very personal version (where he owes just about everything he owns) and as a patrimonial leader in a postmodern United States.

Agora is undoubtedly the best, in my eyes, magazine in the kingdom. And the magazine has an insanely great subtitle: "Journal for metaphysical speculation". Issues 1-2 are about "populism", and as usual it is over 600 pages, but this issue, like all of Agora's issues, is not just about the topic "populism". There are also many book reviews in the magazine – both about populism and about everything from Bob Dylan and Sigmund Freud to Simmel as well as French literature through 1000 years.

The instructional preface states: "This issue of the Agora is nevertheless based on the premise that populism is a concept that is not only meaningful, but also absolutely necessary, to understand the current political situation." The publication is based on new literature in the social sciences, history and political theory. The preface also mentions that many of the contributions are characterized by “what in a broad sense can be called a rhetorical turn in populism research. […] A specific type of political rhetoric based on an opposition between the people and the elite ».

Another condition for this issue is that “populism cannot be seen independently of the historical one. . .

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