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With his eyes on the war

Mohamed Jabaly's documentary debut Ambulance provides a unique insight into an 51 day long bombing of Gaza, seen from the driver's seat of the ambulance.

The sound of a bang. Baby Crying. The picture comes on, swinging by the hands holding it. The breath reveals a desperate state, before the voice erupts: "My God!" The premise for the rest of the film is set in the projection: We'll see what he sees. With the exception of one image, through subjective angulation, the documentary is filmed in the first-person perspective.

With Ambulance Palestinian Mohamed Jabaly has documented the 51-day bombing of Gaza in the summer of 2014 from the front: namely the driver's seat of an ambulance. On a back reflex, Jabaly has documented everything from day one, without telling his own family what he has. . .

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