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With the child's eyes

The Breadwinner / Tehran Taboo
Regissør: Nora Twomey/Ali Soozandeh
(Canada, Irland og Luxembourg/Tyskland og Østerrike)

Girls dressed as boys in Kabul and Tehran's underworld with sex, intoxication and rave music are portrayed through the child's gaze in the animated films The Breadwinner and Tehran Taboo.

In recent years, we have gained insight into everyday life in Muslim countries through cartoons and animated films, as in the autobiographical Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, a comic book and later movie (2007) about a youngster growing up in Iran, and the cartoon success Arabs of the future (2015) by Riad Sattouf. Again an autobiographical account of his upbringing, this time in the dictatorships of Gaddafi and Assad.

The International Animation Festival Anifilm in Trebon, Czech Republic, recently featured two newcomers to this genre: last year's Oscars-nominated children's film The Breadwinner by Nora Twomey and Tehran Taboo, an adult animation film, by Ali Soozandeh. Both
the films have already garnered much attention and have received glorious criticism in Variety.

These are high quality animation films, both technical and content. A common denominator for both films is that the directors have chosen to tell bleak stories of oppression through a child's perspective. This gives us a unique approach and empathy with the main roles. Dreams and longings are like our own, but the circumstances the characters are in are incomprehensible to us.

The Breadwinner is a great introduction to understanding the situation in Afghanistan.

The peculiarity of growing up stories told from a child's perspective is that the narrator's voice seems both more honest. . .

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Margareta Hruza
Hruza is a Czech / Norwegian filmmaker and regular critic of Ny Tid.

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