Y-BLOCK / The perspective of the Y-block's symbolic value has changed in the time since the demolition decision, without it becoming apparent to central politicians.


Security has been the main argument for the demolition of the Y-block. The decision was initially initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers Rigmor Aasrud in the Ministry of Renewal, Administration and Church in the Stoltenberg II Government in 2013. The demolition decision is historic.

In the past, the perspective of the symbolic value of the Y-block has changed, without it becoming apparent to key politicians. In the struggle for the preservation of Wye block the Labor Party should have been at the forefront.

Today, there is a cross-political art environment (and more) that fights for the Y-block's continued existence in an argument that should be carefully listened to. As is well known, counter-movement is also part of democracy. The Y-block movement is a powerful political signal.

The international community is also responding. . .

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