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Yes. There will be a revolution 

Red epic
Forfatter: Joshua Clover
Forlag: Audiatur (Norge)
Red epic is an American poet's unsentimental political remix.

Reader Joshua Clovers Red epic, reproduced by Paal Bjelke Andersen, with an afterword by Remi Nilsen, Audiatur publishing house, 2017. Premise: Know nothing about the author, know nothing about the book. Reads unconditionally open and without any context other than that the collection of poems should be reported in the form of 1000 words in these columns.

Bokomslagets kommunistrøde totalitet fyller hele skjermen i min digitale versjon. Det er vakkert. Og samlingens første to ord: «Til kamerater». Jeg tror jeg forstår i hvilken retning det bærer: en ubetinget politisk bok med et . . .

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Terje Dragseth
Author and filmmaker.

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