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Youth with acting power

Mission Impact
Regissør: Bår Tyrmi

SUSTAINABILITY GOALS: The new series Mission Impact shows engaged youth who demand action. It is released first on social media.

Mission Impact is a new youth series on the UN Sustainability Goals with launch date 2. April. There are documentary film producers Differ Media og Hacienda Film og Development and Environment Forum (ForUM) behind the series. We get to know when Penelope (14) discovers maritime litter, Victoria (19) discovers arms exports and Kim (27) discovers tax havens.

Penelope is an environmental agent and activist. She meets senior politicians face to face and demands a national plan of action (Norway is now the only country in the Nordic region left without.) Victoria travels to Greece, meets Yemen refugees and engages with Youtube and blog, and Jackass-inspired Kim makes political stunts.

You can see a short clip from the series here:

May stop climate change

"We are the first generation to have the opportunity to eradicate extreme poverty, but we are also the last generation to stop climate change sooner. . .

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Lene Grimstad
Grimstad is a former journalist in MODERN TIMES, and a board member of Norges Fredslag.

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