Freedom of expression, extremism and the role of the media

21 journalists and academics from 9 different countries have contributed to an anthology about freedom of speech, globalization, extremism, minorities and difference in the world today, edited by Elisabeth Eide, Kristin Skare Orgeret og Nil Mutluer.

Initially, the editors point out that many common beliefs about these themes do not match today's reality. For example, they say that, according to Reporters Without Borders, Ghana has a greater degree of freedom of expression than France and Burkina Faso greater than the United States. Correcting myths is good.

The book is a result of posts held at three conferences on everything from freedom of expression, working conditions for journalists in countries characterized by terror and / or strong political control of the media, the recruitment of IS sympathizers to the rapid increase in internet use in countries with a lot of propaganda and little source criticism. In other words, the themes are quite varied, and so is the book.

Screenshot from rts channel on youtube
Screenshot from rts channel on youtube

It may not have been easy to select and collect the contributions that should fit in the anthology. I miss a clearer common thread in between. . .

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