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I MODERN TIMES your ads have a more exclusive place than in any other newspaper: With a full 100-page commentary / book review every quarter, sets our readers of good time per page, which gives a low contact price.

MODERN TIMES has closer 20 readers online every month that is particularly interested in international literature, photography, documentaries and essays.


For paid items digital – so-called Native advertising:
Contact us regarding agreement on this.
This is a form of content marketing that we have opened up for online, as long as the content does not violate the usual advertising requirements.

PRICES (print and digital):

Paper edition and appendices in tabloid format:

Tabloid size, full side: 7000 kroner [250 mm width x 360 mm height] Half side tabloid: 3900 kroner [250 mm width x 175 mm height] Double side: 9800 kroner
Smaller sizes: 2000 kroner [eg 148 x 90 mm]

Delivery deadline the 10th month before release.
Releases 2021: First week in March, June, September, December.


Advertising module on article page and front page
Format: 300 x 300 pixels. Contact us for price and duration.

Module inline article (breaks the text in the article itself)
Format: 710 x 160 pixels
Price: 3900 for a week. The ad is then visible in all articles.
See our own ad for example on this in an article.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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