Don Lowe

The eco-anarchist on Greek Hydra: To be able to step out of our western everyday life

PORTRAIT: Can you today live a life where you sing until sunrise and dance at sunset? According to Don Lowe, all Greeks are anarchists at heart.
Firuz Kutal

The modern political lie and the political lie

ESSAY How can it be that some politicians can lie as much as they want, like President Trump, and at the same time be perceived as truthful by their constituents? We look at how the philosopher Hannah Arendt defined the difference between the traditional and the modern lie, as the difference between hiding and destroying. And how the truth can be faked because one can finger reality.

A voice from Poland

ESSAY: It is embarrassing to look at how horrible the Law and Justice Party (PiS) and the government are behaving. We sign signature campaigns.

It's our own fault

DESTROYED NATURE:  Profit hunting, illegal wildlife trafficking and a growing population taking over natural areas provide the basis for disasters. Covid-19 is not the revenge of nature; we have done this to ourselves.
Cannabis plantation.

Cannabis revolution in the United States

DRUG AND MEDICINE: It is blowing a legalization wind across North and South America, which is increasingly legalizing cannabis. Do we see the end of "The War on Drugs"?
Photo: Camilla Jensen

The art of not being a terrorist

ESSAY: The ceiling height has suddenly become dangerously low - it is taboo to talk about terror.

The world is out of step

ESSAY: The world has gone completely off the hook and has been doing it for a long time.
Minister of Culture Atef Abu Saif.

Village life in the West Bank

Travelogue: Palestinian Minister of Culture and award-winning author Atef Abu Saif wants to highlight the rich cultural heritage and bring the art to the people.
A Tiny Country (A very small country)

Homo politician: From Paris to Baku

DOCUMENTARY: DocLisboa has a tradition of highlighting new talent. This year's festival was no exception.
Moment of peace, Faditoon. See

The culture of the future of the future and Abiy Ahmed

COMMENT: In the future, people and governments are believed to have learned enough to deal with conflicts without weapons and enemy thinking. If we ever get there, we do not know, but the possibility exists, and how it will be, depends on our choices.
Communist National Smoke Flag

Žižek as a Communist

COMMUNISM: On December 7, Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek comes to Bergen to take part in the Holberg debate. During the debate he will explain why he is still a communist. He will also be interviewed by US economist Tyler Cowen.

Found in translation

SAGA INHERITANCE: When Iceland was a guest country at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2011, it was again remembered that Icelanders are best at making up stories, not making money.

Sharp look at the Philippines

PHILIPPINES: Kiri Dalena's documentaries were celebrated during the film festival.

When the Nobel Peace Prize winners meet

NOBEL PEACE SUMMIT: Are there any joke to such meetings, or are they just for a narrow circle?

"Norway's place is in Europe"

EU: If Europe is to achieve a "Green New Deal" where the environment is taken seriously, we must get past nationalism and damning populism - according to Eva Joly.
Peter Handke

The books are pilgrimages

Peter Handke: Does art possess an independent quality that cannot be overridden by a moral judge?

Back to the people

EXHIBITIONS: William Blake, the visionary poet-painter, seems to be more advanced than ever. In London opens a large exhibition of his works at Tate Britain 11. September, in Norway, his graphic series inspired by Job's book will be on display at Haugar as part of the exhibition "Metaphysics".

Everyone starts life as narcissists

ESSAY: A reaction to the deconstruction of the subject is today a new subjective wave where everyone is to rediscover themselves. Should some publishers protect such authors from themselves?

An internationalism that should not be nationalistic

populism: Antonio Gramsci would have united self-righteousness and internationalism. MODERN TIMES talks to philosopher Diego Fusaro in connection with a new Norwegian release.

After all, it's just paper?

TRAVEL-ESSAY: Since 2017, my partner Edy Poppy and I have developed an art project, The Personal Meeting with World Politics. We have passed a law against structural violence, which criminalizes the maintenance or profiteering of violent structures. We sued ourselves for breaking our own law. Now it was time for a holiday and we booked a trip to Bulgaria. But we discovered that you can't vacation from the law

The good old days ”- a time without feminism, migration and globalization

SENFASCISMEN: The notion of constituting an endangered culture goes back to all the different Late Fascist communities
Jonathan Pollack

Anarchists against the wall

TEL AVIV: It is becoming harder and harder to oppose the system as Israel moves to the right.

A global labor market in motion

arbejder:Half a century ago, the first Filipino workers traveled across the globe to work at factories and hotels in Denmark and Norway, among others. Their journey provides insight into a global labor market in motion.

A life of solidarity

PROPHET: The Polish historian, author and Solidarity man Karol Modzelewski was written off as a hopeless romantic in his protests against welfare cuts and the privatization of the industry. As we see the evolution of political change in recent years, his warnings seem prophetic.

When mother dies

ESSAY: Death to mother became unbearable.