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The virtual space has become as real a part of the daily lives of millions of people as the purely physical environment

Swatted / Black Bus Stop
Regissør: Ismael Joffroy Chandoutis Kevin Jerome Everson
(Frankrike / USA)

EVERYDAY LIFE / Two card documentaries highlight two different experiences of modern man's everyday life – one is virtual, the other is a little too real.


In the groundbreaking sci-fi novel Nevromantiker (1984,
translated into Norwegian by Torgrim Eggen in 1999) William Gibson wrote about cyberspace
and defined it as “a collective hallucination, experienced daily by many
million computer operators worldwide and by children being taught
mathematical concepts […]. A graphical representation of all data taken from
every single computer in the human system. An unimaginable complexity.
Streaks of light radiate into the non-spatial human mind, into clusters, and into
the data constellations. Before they burn out, like the light of the city. "

Nevromantiker came out at a time when the word "cyberspace" was unknown, even for
the majority of Gibson's readers. But when we move forward to 2019, we find
a credible framework for the abstract fiction novel from the early 80's. As
the famous wording of the author tells us: It is the place where
banks take care of your money, emails are exchanged, social media platforms
spreads – the virtual space has become an equally real part of daily life
to millions of people as the purely physical environment.

The countless liminal zones where cyberspace and reality intersect have been given some. . .

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Neil Young
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