Theater of Cruelty

Everyone should have a health sister to go to – every day

We wish for a strength for better mental health with the health sisters at the forefront.


One in five children and adolescents is struggling with mental health problems. Often, it is no more than a conversation with health professionals to get on the right track. Unfortunately, too many people encounter a closed door when they seek out the school health service. The consequence of not getting help right away is impaired ability. Many of the youth who have to wait for assistance do not complete high school. The numbers are bleak and we can't sit back and accept them. That is why we at AUF are one of our most important issues to ensure that youth receive a better school health service and a better mental health service.

Health sisters without time. Today, seven out of ten health nurses do not have time to carry out the tasks they are required by law. They are not able to work preventively with students, and fail to ask follow-up questions because they are unable to follow up on the answers they receive. It can't continue like that.

Under the Right / Frp government, many municipalities are struggling with severely depressed economics, while the very richest in our society receive billions in tax cuts. Poor finances in the municipalities should not affect the mental and physical health of the pupils, which is why we are pleased that the Labor Party is up for election on a national staffing norm in the school health service. This, of course, costs money, but it is much more expensive not to.

Mental disorders cost. We know that mental disorders cost our society between 60 and 70 billions every year. With a stronger school health service, it will be possible to intervene and prevent earlier, thus saving society a huge sum. This will help many more young people struggling. The Directorate of Health recommends a staffing norm, and this is also what the nurses themselves want. We believe we should listen to them, to Norwegian students – and to everyone else who demands that we take a vigor for mental health.

The nurses' door should be open in all schools, every single day – not just at Hartvig Nissen.

I have to admit that I love Shame. The series gives a very realistic picture of what it is like to be young today. But one thing in the series is very unlikely: that the health nurse is always at school whether Vilde has chlamydia in her eye, is pregnant or something else. You can't plan to have a bad day between 10 and 14 on Tuesdays. With the Labor Party in government, the nurses' door should be open to all schools, every single day – not just at Hartvig Nissen.

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