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Global fight against terror

Five years after 11. In the September attacks, it is clear that Osama bin Laden has managed to unite the world in the fight against terror.



[terrorist camp] Berlin, 24. August: "I am pleased that this form of international cooperation is so successful."

That's how German Foreign Minister, a happy Frank-Walter Steinmeier, formulated himself to the world press a few weeks ago: Lebanese intelligence had then arrested three suspects behind the failed bomb attack on a passenger train outside Cologne 31. July this year.

Last weekend, a fourth suspect was arrested after Lebanon's military police captured the call when he called home to Beirut. Barely the war attacks from Israel were over before Lebanon managed to solve Germany's terror riddle.

The fight against terrorism has since 11. The September attacks against the United States half a decade ago became international, unpolitical and cross-religious. The effect of Al Qaeda's terrorist attack is that the world is now united against terrorism like never before.

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Dag Herbjørnsrud
Former editor of MODERN TIMES. Now head of the Center for Global and Comparative History of Ideas.

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