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Basic values

EUROPE / Many argue that Europe should to a greater extent defend our fundamental values ​​such as freedom of expression and respect for the rule of law.

Project manager in Civita, Mathilde Fasting, MODERN TIMES answers the following about European greensis: «As the situation in the world is at the moment, it is important to defend the fundamental values ​​[such as respect for the rule of law and human rights, ed. note] The EU is built on. This applies both internally between EU countries and vis-à-vis other states. It would be very unfortunate if some EU countries did not recognize the fundamental liberal values ​​and thus create divisions within the Union. The principle of freedom of expression and respect for the rule of law must be inalienable, and this will also have to apply to the EU's own institutions and laws. If a country has joined the EU, it has also joined. . .

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Paal Frisvold
Writer for MODERN TIMES on Europe issues.

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