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Prevents spotlight on Trump report

Through a D-Notice statement concerning the Russian ex-agent Sergei Skripal's connection to the report on Donald Trump's sex life in Russia, the British authorities indicate what is particularly sensitive about the Skripal case.


In the previous issue of New Time we addressed the poisoning of Russian MI6 agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the text "Major political lies about Russia?" Here I wrote that Skripal's connection to agent Pablo Miller and to Christopher Steele of MI6, was not mentioned in the British press as a result of that the British authorities had sent out a "D-Notice" in an attempt to prevent anyone from addressing this issue.

A "D-Notice" has been issued by a British committee of representatives of the British media and defense and security authorities, which recommends British press and television not to mention sensitive issues that could harm national security. This restriction of the free word is accepted by all major media houses in the UK. The system was initiated in 1912 in anticipation of World War I, to secure the loyalty of British media vis-à-vis the British state during the war. In 1993 – after the Cold War was over – the name was changed to DA-Notice (Defense Advisory Notice), and in 2015 after the leaks from Edward Snowden, the name was changed to DSMA-Notice (Defense and Security Media Advisory Notice) to cover also other security issues than pure defense secrets, though many still use the term "D-Notice".

Contribution to Steeles «Golden shower dossier»

After The Telegraph wrote on March 7 about Skripal's MI6 contact in Salisbury, Pablo Miller, and about the contact with Christopher Steele and his "Golden shower dossier", which dealt with Donald Trump's sex life in Moscow, British authorities have exhibited a D -Notice, to prevent Skripal's connection to this case from appearing in the spotlight. This has been claimed by, among others, Alex Thomson from Channel 4 as well as British Ambassador Craig Murray and former employee of the British Ministry of Defense, Clive Ponting. Copies of this and another D-Notice statement can be read online. But by preventing the publication of this connection, one also reveals what is sensitive about the Skripal case. It is as if the DSMA committee wanted to tell us that the poisoning was about Skripal's contribution to Steele's "Golden Shower Dossier". We remember the Chinese story of the man who had buried his gold in the garden and wrote on a sign: "My gold is not buried here."

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