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What does NATO really want?

According to our government, the great NATO exercise that is going on in Central Norway these days should give us a sense of security. But does the course NATO has stood out in recent years, a sense of security?

Lund is professor of architecture at NTNU.
Published: November 1, 2018

Kay Bailey Hutchison - US ambassador to NATO - recently stated that "we are considering taking out" Russia's new missile system SSC-8. This statement should make it go down cold on most people. In addition to being an irresponsible statement, it says a lot about where we're headed.

Western press is currently hammering Russia in a gigantic demonetisation campaign whose aim is that no one should question that NATO is both upgrading and moving its positions right up to Russia's borders.

And that the new situation in Europe is entirely the fault of the Russians; that the Russians have suddenly become aggressive and have new ambitions to expand their territory.

Men er …

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