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Iggy Pop about John Waters

In connection with the screening of Cry Baby in Cannes in 1990, Tommy Lørdal interviewed Iggy Pop (b. 1947) about his relationship with Waters and his films. This was previously unpublished:


“It started out like most; totally random. Through a friend. In Los Angeles. I 74-75. I had no money, so I was living with a gay guy just then. And he said, "Can't we go see the amazing movie, Iggy?" And took me to the Los Angeles premiere of Pink flamingos. I witnessed Divine's arrival – with a garbage truck. A garbage truck that drove up in front of the New York Theater and out came "Well, I am Divine." It was excellent theater. I was very impressed. And a group called The Psycho Sluts warmed up before the movie. They were makeup, upset men in leather corsets. 15 cm high heels, cock-rings and so on. Great show. You know. Motorcycles and everything. But it was good. Very good. And I loved the movie. Since then I have acquired everything he has made. Also the old fabric. And I have to say that when Divine sentenced people to death for "assholism," I felt no irony, it was like Iggy screaming – "Yeah, death to the assholes!" It felt good. I liked it.

"I met John Waters at a movie theater in New York in 1988. I'm a big fan and he told me he liked my music. I thought; I have to work with that guy! And John said – Don't worry Iggy, I'll find something for you. ”(Iggy imitates John's voice and laughs.)

“I was really happy for the role Cry Baby. Previously, I had been offered all kinds of dopa rock'n'roll monsters. Here was one that gave me a role that suited my own age. I got to have family, something I also have in reality. I got to play the patriarch of nice people that I admire. And for once, I had to fit in, instead of always dropping out.

“I studied the coal mining dialects in Kentucky. Tapes from strikes and the like, because these people had personality, and I could spend my own childhood because I grew up in a trailer camp, among hillbillys. "

Tommy Lørdahl
Tommy Lørdahl
Lørdahl is a journalist, critic, DJ and regular writer in Ny Tid.

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