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Jens chose Valla

The Prime Minister says that he will not take a stand in the stare between Ingunn Yssen and Gerd-Liv Valla. But yesterday he suddenly went Sunday trip Valla outside his house.


- What are you talking about, then? – No, you. We can not talk about that here. Have a good Sunday, Jens Stoltenberg answers. It is 13.34 on Sunday afternoon, we are only a few meters from the family house of the Prime Minister in Krokusveien on Nordberg in Oslo. And right next to him is Gerd-Liv Valla, the LO leader, who in recent days has experienced the worst media storm and criticism in a man's, not to say woman's, memory. The criticism has hailed against Valla after it became known via VG's front page on Thursday that Ingunn Yssen, LO's international secretary, quit her job in protest against what she believes is bullying on Valla's part. Externally, Stoltenberg and the Labor Party did not want to say anything about who has the most sympathy in the fight between the two prominent women. And according to other media, it will be a while since Valla and Stoltenberg last went for a walk by Sognsvann last, according to some, Stoltenberg will also prefer Yssen over Valla. However, it was not Yssen, but Valla who was on good terms with Jens yesterday. When Ny Tid observed the Prime Minister and the LO leader enter from Nordbergveien and up Krokusveien towards the Prime Minister's residence, there was nothing to indicate cool feelings. In the somewhat gloomy winter air, they walked closely up the icy road, relying on each other if necessary. At the same time as they talked calmly and so concentrated that they did not notice Ny Tid stopping with the car in front of them, and then asking them the question: – Is it okay for us to take a picture of you on this day? – No, now we must not be paparazzi, Stoltenberg replied politely tentatively, and began to walk further up the road with Valla notched by his side. Valla said nothing, so most embarrassed to the side. However, it may have been something interesting they talked about. The bodyguard had to go so far behind that he did not arrive in time before the meeting, the conversation and the picture were done.

Dag Herbjørnsrud
Dag Herbjørnsrud
Former editor of MODERN TIMES. Now head of the Center for Global and Comparative History of Ideas.

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