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Male female power

Can a male presidential candidate be better at women's affairs than a female presidential candidate?


[election] This question seems absurd considering the second half of the French presidential election 6. May: Conservative Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist leader Ségolène Royal, the first woman in French finals, stand as far apart as they can go. While Royal ended her election campaign by pointing out that she "stands here as a strong woman" and thus better represents half the population, Sarkozy and his people have cast doubt that she as a woman and mother can lead an entire country.

But if we look at the presidential election in another French-speaking country, Mali, this woman vs. the male opposition more nuanced. Not to mention turned upside down. First round of elections in Mali. . .

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Dag Herbjørnsrud
Former editor of MODERN TIMES. Now head of the Center for Global and Comparative History of Ideas.

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