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Massive change

BRUCE MAU: How about a look back over 30 years, to be able to see and act into the future?

I have long been fascinated by the future. What changes we humans will encounter along the way is also something that is suggested by the newspaper name MODERN TIMES.

When I bought 30 years ago Incorporations (sixth book in the ZONE Books series), this was a thicket of a book, designed by the Canadian Bruce Mau (1959–). An anthology with the most important thinkers about the present and the future. Later, in 1995, Mau and star architect Rem Koolhaas published the book S, M, L, XL (Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large) with critical essays, manifestos, travelogues, architecture and thoughts on contemporary cities. In addition to these two books, I also bought Massive Change (Faidon, 2002), of which Mau was editor – along with Jennifer Leonard and Institute Without Boundaries. The three advanced designed books made up a full 20 centimeters of the bookshelf.

A few months ago, about 20 years later, the documentary came out MAU -
Design the Time of Your Life
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Massive change

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