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The quarterly Norwegian MODERN TIMES (Modern Times) has a social liberal international orientation – also inspired by eco-anarchism. The editorial line is based on Conflicts (Military, weapons, power...), control Societies (surveillance, technology, bureaucracy, bio-power, finance) and ecology (climate, mentality, ethics, philosophy).

As an international non-fiction book magazine / commentary, the tabloid contain around 70 reviews (books, documentaries and photos) and essays.
See our English quarterly offspring Modern Times Review - The European Documentary Magazine. This follows MODERN TIMES as an insert. Email us at The newspaper is also on sale on newsstands all over Norway (69 NOK).

Our predecessor, the weekly newspaperOrientering”Was founded in February 1953. Since August 1975 it changed its name to MODERN TIMES - as a continuation of the previous Orientering. Between 2006–2010 the newspaper changed format into a magazine. Later this was changed back to a newspaper tabloid format. In 2015 MODERN TIMES was renewed as a classical critical (intellectual) monthly newspaper – with Truls Lie as editor-in-chief. In 2020 MODERN TIMES was changed into a quarterly, mainly as an international non-fiction review – «documenting reality».
Truls Lie, Editor-in-chief / publisher.
e-mail_, mobile (sms) +47 90855066
He has previously been editor-in-chief / publisher in the weekly Morgenbladet (1993–2003) and monthly Le Monde diplomatique (2003-2013).