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Bets on New Time

Martine Aurdal goes from the feature department in Aftenposten to the debate pages in Ny Tid. At the same time, Fritt Ord allocates NOK 400.000 to weekly newspapers.


- I want to make Ny Tid more visible in the Norwegian public, says Martine Aurdal (27).

Next week, she will start as debate leader in the weekly newspaper Ny Tid. She unites such journalistic forces with Øyvind Holen (32), who started as Ny Tid's cultural journalist last month.

Together this autumn, they will share the position of Ny Tids Halvor Finess Tretvoll (25), who is currently on leave.

This week it also became known that the Fritt Ord foundation is allocating NOK 400.000 to Ny Tid. The money will go to a project position and article purchases within the foreign field.

- I start in Ny Tid because I want to join in doing something new. We can give the newspaper a clearer profile, at the same time as we can set the agenda more often by starting debates that can also be taken up by other media. The goal must be to create ripple effects. We in Ny Tid should constitute an important niche between the dogmatism of Bjørgulv Braanen in Klassekampen and the cultural conservatism of Alf van der Hagen in Morgenbladet, says Aurdal.

Matlary attack

She has been a politician and editor of the feminist magazine Fett since its inception in the autumn of 2004. Aurdal attracted a lot of attention when she in the first issue attacked the highly acclaimed professor and former Kr.F. State Secretary Janne Haaland Matlary. It happened under the title "Blue-eyed Crusaders". Matlary had recently been praised in the clouds by, among others, Jon Hustad in Morgenbladet. But Aurdal presented a different picture to the Norwegian public by referring to Matlary's missionary collaboration with Arild Edvardsen. And she revealed the professor's unknown link to the pope's powerful organization Opus Dei.

- I want to highlight several new debates with a gender perspective also in Ny Tid's columns, but the goal is to bring out debates in several different political and cultural fields, says the new debate leader in Ny Tid.

Aurdal has previously been a journalist in Klassekampen. In recent months, she has worked as a feature journalist for Aftenposten. In addition to her Ny Tid job, she is currently writing a book on international political strategies together with Hannah Helseth. She has been the secretariat leader in Oslo Byforum, and in 2003 she ran for election as a politician for Oslo Byaksjon.

Holen's vision

- It is easier to collaborate across different departments and disciplines in Ny Tid than in a major newspaper. It is such a freedom I like, says Aurdal.

Øyvind Holen has also previously written for Aftenposten, in addition to, among others, Morgenbladet and Dagsavisen. In a few weeks he will come with the book Groruddalen – a travelogue. In recent weeks, he has written a large number of cases about fiction, music, comics and non-fiction on Ny Tid's culture pages.

- My goal is to put perspective on the cultural phenomena of the time, Holen explains.

Last year he published the critically acclaimed book Hip-hop heads – from Beat Street to country rap.

- The common thread will be to link Norway and the world together in the field of culture as well. Non-fiction will be an important area for us in the future, says Holen.

Dag Herbjørnsrud
Dag Herbjørnsrud
Former editor of MODERN TIMES. Now head of the Center for Global and Comparative History of Ideas.

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