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The state is in charge

Over 100 million new state crowns are set aside for the fight against forced marriage. With this, the state takes control of the work in this area.



[action] Friday afternoon the 29. In June, Minister of Labor and Social Inclusion Bjarne Håkon Hanssen (Ap) will present a proposal by the Government for a new immigration law. Among other things, the bill contains a contentious requirement to increase the annual income limit to 200.000 kroner if one wishes to obtain a spouse from a country outside the EEA.

At the same press conference, Hanssen and Minister for Children and Gender Equality Karita Bekkemellem (Ap) then presented their new Action Plan against forced marriage.

As far as Ny Tid is aware, this action plan will entail a clear shift in the focus on measures against forced marriage that affect Norwegian citizens. In total, more than NOK 100 million will be set aside to combat forced marriages.

The intention is that the relative importance of private organizations, which in recent years has set much of the agenda for media debates, will decrease in relation to public knowledge and efforts. Both schools, child welfare services and other public organizations will now receive millions of kroner to prevent and deter involuntaries. . .

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