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Rehabilitation of the Marcos dynasty

PHILLIPINES: Economist JC Punongbayan debunks many of the myths that allowed the Marcos dynasty to retake the presidential palace in the Philippines 50 years after former dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. – a regime at least as brutal as Pinochet's Chile. For example, systematic use of disappearances, political executions, and widespread torture of activists and dissidents.

We have to talk about Duterte

Vulnerable language, cunning-aggressive use of social media and a nonchalant relationship with human life have placed the Philippines' dearly loved president firmly on the international stage. There are good reasons to talk about Rodrigo Duterte, writes anthology editor Nicole Curato.

An unscrupulous empire stands for fall

In a new book, Alfred W. McCoy collects his analysis of the United States as an empire. He describes how the violence perpetrated on the periphery will always accompany home.