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Why promote political satire?

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The satirical, political caricature is, in its essence, an excellent counterweight to abuse and oppression.

Revolution in a social and political vacuum

Walter Crossbow: Martyrs & Tricksters. An Ethnography of the Egyptian Revolution

EGYPT 10 YEARS AFTER: Walter Armbrust has written about the time after the first eighteen days of the revolution: If one considers the revolution on Tahrir Square in Cairo as a rite of passage, there are several good reasons why it went wrong.

The oppressed of violence

Cairo: The roots of terror are limitless. Nawal El Saadawi on the connection between A Thousand and One Nights, George Orwell, the Lebanese poet May Ziade and the current terrorist threat. This is what no one wants to talk about in the debate on terror.

Revenge of the Revolution

Cairo: While the revolution is slowly being stifled by the leaders of the military council, the grief and rage among Egypt's mothers is growing. How can a country kill those who live and breathe for this homeland? Here is the unwritten history of the Egyptian people.