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Truth in the time of the corona crisis

: BIOMAKT: The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has had several controversial proposals about dealing with the corona crisis. Agamben states that the media handling of the corona crisis in some perverse way has a similarity with the commercial advertising. And warns against a new, despotic security society.

Lying and truthfulness


A prehistory of post facto, East and West

: Maybe the truth is not something you can have, but it can and must be sought, writes the American historian Marci Shore in this essay.

The fascination of fascism

Timothy Snyder: About tyranny 20 things we can learn from the 20 century

: The truth can die in four ways, warns Timothy Snyder. The most dangerous thing is to develop hostility to obvious facts. 

Psychopharmaceutical Nation

Anniken Hoel: Cause of death: Unknown.

: What does it help with firefighting at one end when someone is standing at the other and rather on gasoline? Too much is ugly with the world's pharmaceutical industry.