Theater of Cruelty


Is anti-corruption on the political agenda before the municipal elections?

TRANSPARENCY: It is approaching municipal elections, and our municipal elected officials are the ones who make decisions that may be of greatest importance to us in everyday life.

Anti-immigration as a "democratic" fear policy in Hungary

What we follow throughout the film is a caricature of an election campaign where it is given in advance who wins.

Elections in Zimbabwe

Despite positive measures such as a new voter registration system and foreign election observers, it is questioned whether a free and fair election in Zimbabwe is realistic.

War as election campaign

The Turkish president is tightening his grip on growing violence in Turkey – now the opposition fears he will speed up the upcoming election in 2019 to further consolidate power.

US after the presidential election

Richard Nixon was elected president. Today, American society is in the worst crisis since the civil war of 100 years ago. 

A car crash in slow cinema

Painfully embarrassing and entertaining scandal documentary, revealing the American political show in the Trump era.

Third Period syndrome

2016 is a big election year, and so I don't aim for Donald Trump.