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Debate: Minister for Development Aid Erik Solheim should be praised for answering in Ny Tid (8 September) some of the challenges in my comment «Foreign Ministry on wild roads» (1 September).


However, the post testifies to a contradiction between what the Foreign Ministry does and what Solheim claims to do.

My criticism had two elements. First: Norwegian peace diplomacy was supposed to create peace in the world, but the two main projects – the heavily criticized Oslo Accords and the Sri Lanka process – seem to have hurt worse. Since the Ministry of Foreign Affairs refuses to take self-criticism, it should be open to debate about the function of the "Norwegian model" when a new front is now opened in South America.

I have no doubt that Solheim would rather dance samba in Brazil than clean up after Norway in Sri Lanka, where he was active for a long time. But there is actually something good about putting out your own fires and realizing their limitations, like the tsunami. . .

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