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World peace spreads

Analysis: 2006 became one of the most peaceful years in modern times. 2007 could be the year of lasting peace agreements.


[2006-2007] 21. November 2006 became a historic day that passed most houses: On this day Nepal's Maoist rebels and the country's new naval alliance signed a peace treaty. The ten-year civil war with 13.000 killed was over.

Nepal's peace agreement did not come out of the blue: Ever since King Gyanendra on April 21 renounced God-given power and gave power "back to the people", the country has taken seven-mile steps towards democratic conditions. The elected parliament has regained the power it lost four years ago. New elections must. . .

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Dag Herbjørnsrud
Former editor of MODERN TIMES. Now head of the Center for Global and Comparative History of Ideas.

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