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To determine the best of others

Samtiden 3/2005 presents three articles on prostitution. One is an analysis written by gender researcher Wencke Mühleisen about the policy and research field around prostitution in Norway. The others, which are longer conversations with two prostitutes, are negatively commented on by Ny Tid's acting debate leader Martine Aurdal 9.9.

Let me explain today's editorial treatment and ethical assessment of Martin Gaarder's report on Nigerian Gina (which is the name she uses on the street, her real name I do not know).

Her own wish

Martin Gaarder has worked on the article about Gina over a period of more than half a year and had contact with her for just as long. He has done good and important journalism. I myself have met Gina and talked to her several times, and received approval for both text and photos directly from her. She herself has actively wanted and wanted to appear with a completely uncharged photo and a fully recognizable face,. . .

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