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Living in climate change

Over the past week we have experienced forest fires in Portugal, while almost a hundred people have lost their lives in floods in Central Europe. Hurricane Katrina has ravaged the areas around New Orleans and Mississippi. No one knows yet how many have died, but the material damage amounts to billions.

We are now experiencing what climate scientists have warned against and described. The director of the UN environmental program Klaus Töpfer told German newspapers in the midst of the flood that we live in climate change. Large hurricanes occur in oceans that are above 26 degrees Celsius, and we know that the ocean is warming and that the frequency and intensity of extreme weather phenomena is increasing. The fact that the earth is warming, largely due to emissions from the burning of oil, coal and gas, and other human activities, few scientists disagree.

The question of whether we should take the climate threat seriously and reduce emissions that lead to dangerous climate change is one of the most important political divides in the international arena. . .

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