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To travel is to see

Two very different travel books, an essay collection and an essay, are basically about the same: About being a seer so as not to be blind.


Literature critic Arne Melberg justifies his book, To travel and write, as follows: “Traveling and writing about their travels is a durable combination. The result, travel literature, has a difficult definable place in the literary tradition and in modern literature. Travel literature is undeniably there, but it is just as full on a kind of periphery, which is probably because travel literature often includes moments of reporting and biography. Of course, it's no secret that the journey is an important literary motif and that the journey serves as the engine for all kinds of literature. ”

This rationale gives direction to all the 11 discussion essays (including the introductory chapter) in Melberg's book. This is the book for anyone who loves to travel, read and write.

What is a human being?

Melberg is concerned with including the so-called modern travel literature from 1930 until today in the serious concept of literature. He wants to make travel literature a steward genre, but is also very conscious of distilling it. . .

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