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ABC weapon-free zones


Then Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre met Condoleezza Rice, more than 20 years had passed since the people of the Nordic countries collected several million signatures for a treaty-based nuclear weapons-free zone in the Nordic region with guarantees about non-use of nuclear weapons against the zone by the nuclear powers. ABC weapons-free zones are and remain one of several confidence-building measures to execute the first-rate strategy of nuclear weapons in the NATO context and with the nuclear powers.

Sea 10 år has been since the Nordic Council of Åland's decision in 1994 to work for a nuclear weapons free zone in the Nordic countries. According to the Gallup, 92 percent of the Norwegian people are against the use of nuclear weapons. 87 percent of the United States population is against nuclear weapons.

The United States has:

  • terminated the ABM Agreement,
  • developed the rocket shield, "Starwars junior" to use,
  • "Mini-nuke" – the sword by blasting deep targets such as the caves of Osama Bin-Ladin in Afghanistan or by pre-emptive attacks knocking out other nuclear power command centers, to further establish US military strategic dominance,
  • attacked, occupied and waging an unlawful oil war in Iraq.

This military policy has led the majority of the Russian population to no longer be negative about Russian nuclear weapons. A large majority now rely on the Russian nuclear weapons security policy!

Norway and the Nordic countries is not profitable to continue to be a nuclear weapons advancement area in relation to the use of nuclear weapons against Finland and Russia. We in the Nordic countries and the Baltic countries have a great responsibility to help change Russian public opinion on nuclear weapons and NATO.

The opinion work for the abolition of nuclear weapons has. . .

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