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Africa seen from Akersgata

The newspaper reveals Norwegian myopia. Without even knowing it.


[literature] It is often easier to maintain familiar and familiar notions than to work on new ones. The idea of ​​"Africa" ​​is one such notion, which despite the fact that we live in both the age of information and political correctness, has proved unusually viable. "Africa" ​​is an exotic, inferior and alien place. This is evident not only in Norwegian politicians when they are about to save the world with a thick wallet, but also in the Norwegian media talk.

Most recently a few weeks ago, Dagbladet proclaimed on the front page: "We put the spotlight on Africa" ​​(April 24). It was "African" books the editors had in mind: "A new Norwegian novel about the relationship between the West and the developing countries is startlingly well written,". . .

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