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Current: High Skye

The controversy over the future of Gerd-Liv Walla has made it boil in the LO organization. Professor Hege Skjeie doesn't think it has anything to do with gender.


Some federal leaders have been out saying that Valla's treatment of Ingunn Yssen had hardly happened if the former was a man, are they right?

- I think we get to try to distinguish between individual ruling techniques and power structures here. There are no individuals running around and are essential women – or men, for that matter, within the organizations. So such talk is for me just nonsense. It's probably a pure gender stereotypical idea – isn't it? Eventually, perhaps we can rather try to understand why it is primarily women who have fronted this issue internally, and men who have fronted it externally? So if we strive to understand what gender means in all this.

Yngve Hågensen was a sawmill worker and man. Did Gerd-Liv Valla, as a woman and a representative of the public employees, represent a cultural change?

- There is no doubt that the distinction between private and public sector has been one of the most central in recent decades, and that there has been a shift in weight internally in LO in the direction. . .

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